New Herman Miller Sayl Chair

Imagine your office chair unframed. No borders, no limits, and full of surprises. Yves Behar and the Herman Miller design team tried this thought experiment themselves, and the result was the Sayl Chair.

The Sayl Chair is beautiful, ergonomic, comfortable, and affordable. It has great style and unquestionable aesthetic appeal, and it’s more comfortable than hundreds of more expensive and less impressive padding-stuffed office chairs on the market. This is a new kind of task chair for a new kind of buyer; a customer who cares about design and comfort, but knows they don’t have to pay through the nose to get it. Creatively bold and full of innovative engineering, this is truly a 21st century chair.

Designed by the inimitable Yves Behar, the Herman Miller Sayl Chair is a study in small scale architecture. It’s minimalist from an environmental and material perspective, but it still provides maximum support for your back, legs and neck. It has no frames, no borders; the back and seat of the chair just stop expanding at a certain point. They are not bounded by a hard edge or any sort of aesthetic interruption to the look and feel of the seat and seat back.

Polished aluminum base is cast aluminum; Fog and Black bases are made of Glass Filled Nylon (an environmental answer to fiberglass).

Call or e-mail Office Surplus Inc. today for more information on our new and used Herman Miller Sayl Chair for sale in Charlotte and beyond.

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