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Everybody deserves a good chair. But what is a good chair? For almost 100 years now, researchers have been trying to answer that question.

You may be asking yourself what difference it makes: A chair is a chair, right? Well, not quite. First, people who sit down to work for long periods of time run a high risk of low-back injury, second only to those who lift heavy weights,1 and the risks increase with age.2 Also, the total number of lost work days and the cost of each back injury are increasing.

Second, as economies worldwide shift over to white-collar work, more people are sitting down on the job than ever before. In fact, you are probably reading this summary at work, and you’re likely to be sit-ting down. In a recent study, the Herman Miller Research Group observed and cataloged movements of 40 office workers for a com-bined total of 160 hours. As a group, these workers spent 93 percent of their time sitting in an office chair.

Finally, people in every office are doing work that has been radically influenced by the computer. They don’t have to get up as often, because all the information they need is one keystroke away. And with much of the information “processed” on screen, they have less variety in their work and fewer reasons to work away from the computer

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