Used Modern Cubicles and Workstations

Fortunately for you, in the current financial climate it is possible to get a bang for your buck, used cubicles are becoming more available as (unfortunately) a lot of businesses have been affected by the recession in recent times. Unlucky for them, lucky for your wallet!

Used cubicles, as opposed to new, are going to save you and your company quite a handful of money, whilst hopefully keeping the quality as high as possible. Now it’s unlikely you’ll get the newest name brands such as Herman Miller, so it really depends on what quality you want for what price. However I can tell you that the quality of used products is going up, and the price is staying the same at 25% to 30% of the original price.

When you are looking at used cubicles, don’t always go for the first option, look around. Maybe check popular auction sites or newspaper advertisements for the best deals, and if possible get a first hand look before you purchase. Check the used cubicle has everything you want before you buy. Large enough doors? Fabric covered panels? Does it match your office design? You get the picture.

When you buy used cubicles you are saving trees, you are saving the earth! Not quite ‘saviour’ status but it’s always nice to know you are helping the cause to keep your carbon footprint down, plus it’s a great excuse to buy the cubicles used.

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Used Cubicles and Workstations

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Used Modern Cubicles and Workstations


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